Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kembara - home

My girl Ayong and I took a bus from Temerloh to KL. We arrived at Pekeliling bus stop. Next we took the monorail to KL Central. It was almost 4pm and we had not had anything to eat since morning. So we had KFC at KL Central. Ayong wanted to buy a china silk dress she saw on offer yesterday. We spent the hour shopping. I ended up buying two pairs of dress material. Ayong got hers.

After that, we boarded the commuter to Kajang station where we then took a taxi to the used car shop at Batu 12 Jln Cheras Sg Sekamat. It was raining very heavily.

At almost 7pm Ayong and I got into the Kembara and started our journey home. We had to fill in fuel before the journey. So as not to 'carry' unnecessary weight, I told Ayong to pump in rm50 worth of petrol. Then we went on our way to see Epit my son at UIA to show him the newly purchased Kembara which he helped to choose.

About a quarter past seven, I received an sms from a friend telling me about fuel price hike taking effect as of midnight. I decided to fill up the Kembara on the way home.

From Kajang to UIA in Gombak, all the petrol stations were swollen with cars which in some places, spilled onto the road causing massive traffic jams. We kept thinking of filling up at the next station ... to no avail for the queue was almost one kilometre long at ALL the stations.

O'well, just her luck to have the fuel price increase announced today.


mokcik sher said...

Good luck to ayong.
Tell her to enjoy her working life while reaching for the stars...

momilo said...

Happy dapat keta baru kat Ayong! Jangan tekan minyak kuat-kuat sangat ... hehehe. Selamat memulakan fasa baru kehidupan "The Working Life".

koolmokcik said...

thanks mokcikzzzz