Tuesday, July 1, 2008

On the 'Spurs'

Finally, I managed to hold a small celebration to honour my girl. She graduated last month and managed to get a job right away. It was such a blessing ... not having to go through that pain of long wait after wait between job interviews.

I am not well. Doctor diagnosed cervical spondylosis [a degenerative condition where 'spurs' grow on the first and second spine which put pressure on the spinal nerves which affect parts of the body served by that particular nerves]. I have problem with my legs which is compounded by knee arthritis. I can't walk far or stand too long. Celebration meant inviting friends over for 'partying'. It's been five years now since I moved back to Jerantut from Gemencheh and my colleagues have been pestering me the past 3 years for a house warming party.

I wanted to do something special for well over 80 colleagues and friends and neighbours I ended up inviting.

I served my very own Bihun Kool and Kool Soup with garlic buttered toast as the main dish and the usual Cream Caramel and Triffle as dessert. Someone requested Bubur Kacang [mung bean sweet porridge] touted as the best bubur kacang in the world [I guess their world is very much restricted within Jerantut only]. I still have some sushi rice and some of my friends who missed the sushi I sell last Ramadhan have been asking for it. Sushi in Jerantut is a novelty - many have 'heard' about it, seen it on those Japanese and Korean soaps on tv, but have never get the chance to try it [see! sometimes one's world is indeed small despite the present advance of globalization].

The party went very well. My friends were happy with the different food served. My father was happy to meet the neighbours. All in all everyone was happy except my legs. The next day my feet wouldn't fit into any shoes and I ended up wearing sandal to work.

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