Sunday, July 27, 2008

Each Day I Live ...

Last Tuesday I went for a follow up with a gynae at HTAA Kuantan. The doctor did a pap smear and cervical biopsy and ordered further tests. The biopsy was done without any anesthetics. The doctor said I'd feel a 'vacuum' in the process.

I did not expect any pain.

The 'vacuum' was in fact a sharp spreading pain [ngilu]. It was like being pierced with thin blunt needles. The doctor
had problem securing the desired amount of tissue and the vacuuming was repeated five times. I writhed in pain. I may have to go it again if the sample collected was insufficient.

I wished I was given some kind of anesthetics.

I requested for a mammogram and an appointment was set up for 27th August. This would be my second.

I took the opportunity to visit my alumni's second vice president who was warded on the 8th floor for viral fever.

It was leptospirosis.

The one my son had when the doctor at UIA medical centre diagnosed it as dengue fever.

The diagnosis was based on platelets counts. After three days, the count showed a slight decrease. The doctor said only when the count drop to 90 [I don't remember the actual number now] will my son be warded. In the meantime he was given paracetamol to ease the severe headache and high fever and sent off to his room with an order to come to the clinic every day for platelet count. He could hardly walk.

I took him home and nursed him the whole week before he begged to be taken to hospital. He was very sick. I took him to Jerantut hospital emergency unit.

After ten days, his platelets did not drop any further. I was sure it was the miracle of papaya leaf juice I kept feeding him every twelve hours.

However, the doctor at the emergency unit was sure it was not dengue. They diagnosed typhoid fever for the severe vomiting and high fever. He was warded and put on drip. A blood test was ordered.

I don't remember now how many days it took the doctors to finally recognized it as leptospirosis. I remember the attending doctor recommended that my son be transferred to Hospital Hj Ahmad Shah Temerloh for better facilities.

I refused on the ground that it would take another cycle of tests which will take more time. There was less than ten patients in Jerantut ward. The doctor had more time to attend to my son.

He went into hyperthermia. His temperature shot up to 41 degrees. Trainee nurses ran over each other to give him the ice bath. That amused him despite the severity of his condition.

The blood test result came and it turned out to be leptospirosis - a bacterial infection often wrongly diagnosed because of the wide range of symptoms [which include high
fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches, and vomiting, and may include jaundice, red eyes, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and/or a rash. The symptoms in humans appear after a 4-14 day incubation period].

My son was immediately given penicillin intravenously which miraculously brought his fever down. Plus doxycycline 100 mg orally every 12 hours for 1 week. Doctor let him returned to university after five days on doxycyline.

He missed three weeks of class and a few quizzes which contribute to his overall CGPA. Well! His PTPTN is being held for this semester because his CGPA is not up to the mark

He asked for a 'loan' from me. He quoted some monthly figures and I just nod my head without actually computing. I was too lost down my memory lane. He sounded just like his old man. I was left wondering how on earth [when is more apt] is he going to pay for the loan.

But then, God made mothers with great understanding and soft hearts.

I wonder if my son thank God for me?

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Anonymous said...

Salam cool lady,
I enjoy reading your entries. I guess I dare say I know how you must be feeling when you wrote about Ayong and her first job and her first car and her first house. What does she do by-the-way? Where?
Or did I miss all this in the entry? Anyway, dah besor anak2 kita kan! I remember how little and happy they were - remembar Telok Batik? That was fun, right? Hmm...any news on your pap smear and all? I don't go for check ups because I fear the results...What if its bad? What then? The knowledge alone will pull you down. Biarlah...I tell my children not to be too alarmed if well, I just drop dead one day. Death is all around us.Zalilah