Saturday, March 10, 2012

Strawberry Tea

I was first introduced to strawberry tea when I visited Cameron Highlands in ...gosh I can't remember what year. I wasn't too crazy about it then. I saw many people buying lots of flavoured teas - strawberry, grapes, lemon etc. from the shops and the night market. I didn't buy any. I was only interested in Bharat Tea and a few types of green tea . I also came across 'chai' tea and I was dying to try it. Ayong wanted to get a box of strawberry flavoured tea for her friend. Succumbing to the trick of the trader, we ended up with a box of chai and two boxes of strawberry tea because 1 box was RM9 but 3 boxes cost Rm20.

At first I didn't like the strawberry tea. Ayong kept insisting it was niceeee and always brewed a pot of it. Slowly I learned to drink it and after the box was finished, I began to ask for more of it, much to Ayong's amusement. She managed to get another 3 boxes and I stopped brewing other tea. Well, each cuppa is a little luxury for me because strawberry flavoured tea can only be gotten from Cameron Highlands.

I thought all strawberry tea would taste the same so when I finished the last sachet, I asked a staff in school who was visiting his children in Cameron Highlands to get me some. When he gave me the boxes, they looked different from the one I was used to and the taste was different.

Looks like I have to get the tea myself.

All the way up to the highlands?

But weather has not been favourable lately.

Been trying to go up since Ayong's birthday in January but both ways were blocked by water then.

I have school break for the whole week.

How I wish I could just get behind the wheel and drive away into the sunset.

Like I used to do.

But that was a long time ago.

A long long time ago.


Empty nest!


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thanks dear