Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Tuit Or Not To Tuit

Sending children to tuition classes is readily becoming a norm in our society so much so that if a child is not sent to tuition it is bordering on being abnormal.

When parents are TOO busy working, tuition classes more often than not are very convenient and usually cheaper.

NST today reported "more parents are sending their children, aged between 7 and 10, for private tuition" [read more]

Reasons cited :

1- competitive school environment
2- crowded classrooms
3- changing standards of language

Also reported is school authorities and parent groups generally agree that sending children under 10 years old for tuition is unnecessary.

Associate Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Ali Hasan, the President of National Collaborative Parent-Teacher Associations of Malaysia, believes that sending pupils for tuition too early could even be detrimental to their social development [from here]

Being a teacher for 30 years now, I see many students who are so tired and stressed out. Despite all the extra classes, I have had students sleeping during exams with unanswered questions.

They've been denied their natural development. Their social skills is so lacking. Their self drive is zero. They need to be directed and supervised EACH time.

I salute mothers who opted to stay home and look after their children themselves.


Anonymous said...

Some teachers r bullying their students.When a teacher are about to start a class,they will ask the student to go n fetch from the teacher"s room things which the teacher left behind.The student has to walk a long distance to get what the teacher forget to bring along with them.Bad habit being a bully to the students.


koolmokcikZ said...

Agree! There are SOME bad apples in the barrel.

And I bet such thing only happens in sekolah kebangsaan or SMK and NEVER in sekolah jenis kebangsaan or SM(J)K.

BTW ... in some schools, students were asked to clean the TOILET or kutip sampah keliling sekolah ... bullying ler tu kan.

Few years ago there was a case where a teacher hit her student's head with her high heel.

Oldstock said...

We send our three sons to tuition classes when they reach secondary school level. Even that only for the exam years. I do not think it is a burden to them because I am confident of their capability.

But I agree, not all children can cope with the high demands of our education system. The stress is too much on achieving A's.

koolmokcikZ said...

Salaam Oldstock,

Personally, I think there is also an issue of busy parents 'paying' for their children's excellent results like taking pain killers to ease pain. Some people have this idea that 2 panadols will cure that splitting headache. So they send children to tuition thinking that the more they pay, the better and FASTER the children become genious. When the children do good ... it is their effort. When the children do badly, it is always the teachers' fault.

Snuze said...

We had a roster to wash toilets and sweep the class when I was in high school. It was a mission school and had a student body of about 2,300 students.

It was not bullying; it's because our school did not have enough money to employ enough cleaners to take care of it all. We forked out our own money to buy the stuff we use to clean the toilets and brooms and trash bags for the classroom. But we did it because it needed to be done, and since we want to use clean toilets and study in a clean classroom, we did it.

As for the tuition issue, so long as we are super enamoured with As for SPM and stuff, we will feel pressured to send our kids to have our childhood and teenage years hijacked by tuition, hahahah!

koolmokcikZ said...


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