Sunday, March 25, 2012


On Mar 5, AFP reported Malaysia detains an Australian over drugs [full news here]. 32 years old Dominic Jude Christopher Bird a truck driver from Perth, Western Australia was arrested in possession of 225g [7.8ozs] of methampithamine.

It was believed that the Australian was involved in some sort of syndicate. 

On Mar 8, AFP reported that US State Department listed the Vatican as potentially vulnerable to money laundering. The department's annual International Narcotics Control Strategy report listed the Vatican as a "jurisdiction of concern" along with countries like Albania, the Czech Republic, Egypt, South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Yemen [read full news here

Then 22 hours ago, AFP reported an Australian investigation into money-laundering and drug trafficking which has uncovered a powerful triad syndicate with top Asian politicians and police involved.

The syndicate reportedly has "three main heads based in Southeast Asia and at least 22 other primary seats (bosses)" around the globe [full news here]

Hmmm ... there's one item missing I think ... people trafficting

I been wondering how the tokey built all the shops and a new bus terminal in my small town when world economy was at the lowest. Plus all the housing estates mushrooming out of nowhere ... i was wondering who would buy up all those houses but i was wrong. They were snapped up like hot banana fritters.

The longer I been here ... the more convinced I am that this little quaint town is owned by one tokey.

I think I know where the money comes from.


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