Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ring: Pessary -revisited

Last December, I had a ring fitted to address stress incontinence problem. Most of the times i believed it helped a lot. Sometimes though, I wonder if it really addressed the actual stress problem. Anyway, I was happy for a while.

That was until I had the great fly through the air and landed on my bottom few weeks ago which left me at the embarrassing end of a walking stick to aid me up the stairs in school.

For a while, I thought I was done. First it was shingles and then the knee crunching touchdown. Well, I am still waiting for the outcome of the MRI done last month. The orthopedist warned me to be prepared for the another major surgery - the spine. That was enough to plunge anyone into despair.

To make matters worse, after the touchdown event, I started having pain in the lower abdomen. It got worse and I had to resort to taking celebrex. However, it got so bad on Thursday and I spent the whole night counting the hours for morning to come. Friday was Wesak day and I was not sure if the nearest gynae clinic [which is in Mentakab] would be opened. I called the clinic and thank God, it was opened.

My son smsed earlier that he was coming home on Friday. First I thought of waiting for him to arrive and then go to the clinic with him. However, the pain became unbearable and I had to drive myself. Called Pae to ask if she knew the place since she is a local there.

Took celebrex before starting the drive to Mentakab, about 60 km away. Had trouble keeping my eyes open along the journey. Reached Pae's place and she ended up driving me to the clinic and insisted on accompanying me. Thanks Pae. I really really appreciate the company.

Turned out I had a slight infection and the gynae advised me to remove the ring.

It was such a great feeling of relief the moment the ring was taken out. The abdominal pain subsided immediately

Then he sent me home with a 5-day course of antibiotics.

And here I am, 11 hours after the first dose of antibiotics. I have not taken any painkiller since and the pain is getting duller by the minute.

Thank you Pae for being there.

My son arrived in the evening. We went out for dinner. He had Nasi Goreng USA and I had grilled chicken.

One old lady is happy again.

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