Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Down Memory Lane: The Pain

Read a friend's blog. Left comments here and there. On one posting, my comment was the lyrics of Broery Marantika's Senandung Rindu [youTube here]. The blogger's response about the intense feeling portrayed by the lyrics triggered  a long lost memory.

Gosh! To dream but not make dreams your master. To think but not make thoughts your aims. To watch the things you gave your life to ... broken.  And stoop and build 'em up with worn out tools. To heap all your winnings, and risk it all on one pitch-and-toss, and lose and start again at your beginnings, and never breathe a word about your loss. And to force your heart and nerves and sinews to serve your turn long after they are gone. And to hold on when there's nothing in you except the will which says to them ... "hold on"

And after ALL those, you lose to a GRO. The pain was and still is indescribable.

If I should stay
I will only be in your way
So I'll go but I know
I'll think of you
Every step of the way

And I will always love you
i will always love you
My darling you

Bitter sweet memories
That is all I'm taking with me
So goodbye
Please ... don't cry
We both know
I'm not what you need

I hope life treats you kind
And I hope you'll find 
All you've wished for
And I wish you joy and happiness
But above all these
I wish you love

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