Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Man's Meat

Read this on Yahoo News Malaysia today.

A group of 365 Malaysian Christians, including Catholics, have signed a letter addressed to Pope Benedict XVI, complaining about Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's crackdown on the July 9 peaceful protest for electoral reforms.

They also expressed concern over the timing of Najib's visit to the Vatican, and pointed out the lack of religious freedom in Malaysia, citing the Lina Joy court case and the seizure of books on Christianity as examples.

The 365 signatories also expressed concern that Najib's visit to the Vatican at this time could be seen as securing popular support for the coming 13 th general election, which must be held by mid-2013, and which could result in him clinging to power.

The letter, titled “Recent Political and Social Developments in Malaysia: Towards a more comprehensive understanding of realities in Malaysia”, and published in full by the NGO Aliran, is addressed to the Pontiff, with a copy also sent to Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, who is based in Singapore.

And this:-

The article titled “Taken to the cleaners — an overzealous government response to an opposition rally” chronicles the chaos on July 9 when police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the tens of thousands who took to the city’s streets here to demand electoral reforms.

Although the full article is available online, the Home Ministry still inked out four lines in the article, one of which notably reported on the death of one man during the rally.

Baharuddin Ahmad, the husband of a PKR leader, collapsed while trying to escape the chaos on July 9 and has now been elevated to “hero” status by rally supporters bent on ensuring his death had not been in vain.

Of course the source is Malaysiakini.

Rais Yatim won a suit againt a blogger. [read here and here]

Isn't anyone interested to follow suit with the above postings?

Rocky Bru reported a rally in London last Friday [15 July?].  Based on the pictures, it was a BERSIH rally.

1. The police allowed the protesters to hold a demonstration

2. The protesters agreed to confine themselves to the road divider and only to the road divider (which is about 30 feet long, I guess)

3. No protester must cross the line (except when snapping pictures of themselves)

4. A couple of uniformed cops were present to ensure that the protesters did not cross the line

5. The protesters had to observe a time limit

Compared to the one held in KL on July 9th ... with over 100 000 protesters [the opposition would swear by this number], Outsyed The Box deduced the number to be 3000 at the most [read here] (my typing of the the zeroes is correct!): I wasn't there, so I wouldn't know how many people turned up.
I do not believe that the KL 'demonstration' would have been as peaceful as the one in London despite Mat Sabu's promise.
I don't understand why they insisted on marching on July 9th using the excuse that YDP Agong gave his blessing and DS Najib promised a stadium.  DS Najib NEVER promised Stadium Merdeka and YDP Agong NEVER agreed  for BERSIH 2.0 to march to Istana Negara on the 9th to hand in their memorandum.
I had expected when BERSIH 2.0 had audience with YDP Agong, they would have handed in their memorandum. And if they still wanted to have a peaceful protest, they could have applied for permit and hold it in a stadium.
I believe, had BERSIH 2.0 applied for permit to do it in a stadium, the police would have no excuse to deny them.
I also believe that if BERSIH 2.0 had no hidden agenda, they did not have to insist on Stadium Merdeka. Since they expected a huge crowd, why Stadium Merdeka which definitely could not hold 100 000 demonstrators.
If they were to have applied for permit AFTER they went to see YDP Agong, it wouldn't be issued for July 9th. Why can't they wait? Takut nanti orang antarabangsa kata penganjur tak de taring? Takut wartawan luar tak boleh tunggu?
Look at how Malaysiakini played up the death issue of one of the protesters despite proven that it was a lie. Here is a statement from the police [cilok nih dari blog mana ntah. Ampun neh, mokcik ralit blog hopping lupe jumpe nih kat blog sapa]
Yesterday I joined a few colleagues for breakfast. They were talking about that RM73m ring. Their issue was the impossibility for Rosmah to have saved that amount of money since she was small. Tak masuk di akal mereka. They have no problem at all with the ring being sent by a courier.
I don't understand how so many people can swallow all the lies.


Kenn said...

Not many people kmZ.. only a few of those who are not able to think straight. It is easy to follow rather than to do their own thinking - thus lembu dicucuk hidung...

And again, the so-called Malaysians protesting in London streets under observation of London's police. Do you think they dare cross the line?

Now the same people, if they were to demo in KL's street? Hell! in KL they gave Nasi beryani to these people. Try crossing the line in London and they will never see UK soil again!

So how many people again? In Malaysia, there will be as many as there are to be since they will feast themselves with Nasi Beryani instead of deportation, courtesy of Kerajaan Malaysia.

koolmokcikZ said...

yes Kenn, the herd mentality is so prevalent in our society.

btw, there are 100 adults in my place here and there is only 2 who share my thinking

i been waiting to see even half a photo of those enjoying beryani gam on the 9th on Yahoo News. Yilek!

sher said...

i watched a few of the bersih 2.0 videos.. u know, i pity the police force.. i saw them as how the young teachers in school trying to handle a group of ruthless students asking for something clearly against the school regulations.. and no wonder where these students pick up the bad behaviour..

koolmokcikZ said...

exactly my sentiment sher. btw ... noticed the signature on the police statement? and i also thought i saw the signatee [hahaha] dealing with Pak Samad infront of Istana Negara [on tv dear, on tv!]