Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is among the things I would credit the opposition [here]

"The PR lawmakers suggested the Najib administration take a more holistic approach to cut its burgeoning subsidy bill through a total restructuring of the system by reducing subsidies to corporate giants instead of to the poor, implementing a minimum wage council to boost salaries, and providing better public transportation system to reduce dependency on vehicle ownership and fuel consumption.

He also complained that the administration was going about the removal of its subsidy plan in the wrong way by cutting from the poor man on the street and yet at the same time, still providing massive subsidies to big corporate giants"

“No one disputes that subsidies distort the economy but the issue is that in Malaysia, massive corporate giants like the IPPs, the toll concessionaires, continue to enjoy generous subsidies worth billions of ringgit more than the smaller things like sugar, flour and rice.

“The fact that we are facing a deficit budget now should not be blamed on the people, it is the fault of the government and its failure to implement strategies to encourage a dynamic growth in the economy.

“The people are suffering from high inflation, no minimum wage, the prices of properties ballooning... so why burden the public instead of the corporate sector,”

*to be continued ...


Kenn said...

IPPs should operate without any subsidy. They should compete among themselves to offer their best to National Grid (namely TNB's Transmission & Distribution who should operate more like utility body rather than commercial body). There must a certain ceiling price, otherwise TNB (namely Generation) will step in to become power producers replacing IPPs, much like we had LLN before.

Subsidy can be given to this National Grid in order to subsidized the target group, namely households and certain industries who produce staple goods.

Fuel prices should be dictated by market, but all tolls must also be done away. No more 'seludup minyak' incidents. Car prices must be reasonable. Roadtax must be looked into for more reduction. Public transportation must be improved much from its current sorry state.

koolmokcikZ said...

thanks Kenn.

i am sure the rakyat from both divide are in agreement on this issue