Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hallelujah! Long Live 1Malaysia

China Press reported that there was a lack of Chinese-speaking counselling teachers in SMJK San Min in Teluk Intan, which has some 1,600 students.
The only Chinese-speaking counselling teacher had to take up 80% of the workload because students would ask for him.
The school’s board of directors chairman Chen Hong Ji said he hoped that the Education Ministry would look into the issue and assign more Chinese-speaking counselling teachers.
Some students could not converse well in English or Malay, so they were not able to communicate with the non-Chinese speaking teachers about their problems, which in turn affect their studies,” he said.
> Nanyang Siang Pau reported that Kuantan might soon have its long-awaited first independent Chinese school.
Pahang Chinese guilds and associations had been looking for a suitable independent Chinese school in Klang Valley to open a branch in Kuantan.
Frankly, I think it will be difficult for the corrupted Malay chauvinist Malaysian Government to find a suitably qualified counselor locally. In the interest of the poor 13-17 year old students who cannot converse well in English or Malay after 6 years of primary education and without doubt are excellent students who scored perfect A in UPSR, I strongly suggest that they be sent to mainland China where they will get PERFECT education by perfect educationists who can speak perfect chinese.

Better still, in the interest of Malaysia's future generation, the government SHOULD built the whole school in mainland China. You know, with the chinese builders world class skills, top class building materials, the BEST qualified teachers, the most nutritious food available; SMJK San Min will churn out the best of the best students who will come back to Malaysia and prosper the country.

Hidup 1Malaysia!!!

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