Saturday, June 19, 2010

First Taste of THE Cup: World Cup that is

I was born on this day fifty years ago.
When I was 15, I wondered how would it feel to be 50.
Well, I am 50 today.
When I looked at myself in the mirror this morning
I still see the same 'old' me
the 'me' I've always seen in the mirror
I never noticed when I gain height or weight
I never noticed when I grew up and grew old
'Coz, everytime I look into my eyes in the mirror
I always see 'me'
The one I have known since I was born
Half a century ago
I do have some more to pour out here
But I did not sleep until 6 am today
Watching a delayed telecast of World Cup
something I have never done my entire life
Last night, my girl came back
and got very excited watching the match 
between French and Mexico
While I was trying to finish the 'spring cleaning' job 
I started months ago
she went ...'haaa! haaaa!!! ahhhhhh!!! ISHKKKKKK!!!!!
haaa cantikkkkk [beautiful] ... nice one! come on!
I casted few glances at the 42" plasma Panasonic
and noticed
the players, all of them, both teams
have a very strong, confident control
over the ball
with their legs!
very much unlike the games 
I saw my students played on the school fields
or the local games I saw on tv years ago.
And there I was
my cleaning job forgotten
instead, I cooed over the beautiful games
taking over from my girl
who eventually fell asleep on the sofa
with a surgical mask over her nose
[for she suffers rhinitis and I was 'cleaning']
she has been sneezing her nose off non stop
since she arrived in the late evening.
To think that when my friend sms'ed me 
on the first day of the games
I replied ... "thanks but not my cup of tea!"
Guess, after half a century,
I am learning to savour 
THE cup 
But now
this old lady
is going to take her afternoon nap.


sher said...

wahhhh niceeeee!
the new layout, the cake, and especially the person!
god bless..

koolmokcikZ said...

thanks mokcik

who was it that said you can't teach old dog new tricks

tell me if this ain't neat trick


koolmokcikZ said...
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Che Nah said...

Happy Birthday, :-)

50 still young. Sedapnye kek. He he he

koolmokcikZ said...

Che Nah,

Yeah! only HALF a century what???

each day after this is like playing in injury time ... just waiting for the whistle to blow the ending of game ...hmmm

when is yours? let's have a very special one together

satD said...

salam koolmokcik

happy belated bday!

thank u for putting as part of ur reading pleasure....

i shall try me best to keep u satisfied :)

koolmokcikZ said...

satD !!! wowieeeeee !!!

I am much honoured by your visit. thank you.

been your loyal reader for sometimes now.

thousand apologies because I think I have yet to ask your permission for linking your blog. May I? ;p

again, thank you!

koolmokcikZ said...
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