Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wake Up

I read on NST Online yesterday,
RM242,000 for 'TAY 1' plate


KUALA TERENGGANU: A businessman thought the "TAY 1" vehicle registration number plate was in his pocket when he submitted a record bid of RM220,000.

But, how wrong he was. Another businessman from Kuala Lumpur submitted a last-minute bid of RM242,000 before the bidding closed last week.

State Road Transport Department director Abdul Rahman Emang Anyie however, declined to reveal details of the businessman, who is from Puchong.

He said the same businessman had also successfully won the bid for the number "TAY 9" for RM50,600.

He said the list of winners was on display at the RTD office here since last week.

In December, Abdul Rahman said the department received two verbal offers of RM200,000 for the number plate "TAY 1", which were offered by a businessman from Kuala Lumpur and a man from here.

This one person spent almost a quarter of a million RM for one car registration number plate and another RM50,000.00 for another.

I may be wrong, but automatically, my common sense tells me the bidder is one of the 26% of the population. I justify my sense with this [from here], 

"Dr Chua said the party needed to relook its approach as just providing allocations for Chinese schools, halls and better drainage systems was no longer enough"

A huge proportion of this population are city dwellers to whom breakfast is McDonald, coffee is Starbuck. Free WiFi. Broadband with full 3.5G. 

Couldn't help but agree with a blogger's thought here

"Or as one theory being bandied around is saying, the Chinese has already met material wealth and dominated the economy thus are now aiming political dominance?

They saw what they can acquire and be oblivion to the compromise and need of other communities in Penang and for a short while in Perak. When in power, the Chinese enrich their peers.

Sabahan still remembers the lavish giveaway of 100 years forest concession of almost 1 million acres during Chinese CM turn on the rotation.

While not in full power, Chinese Pakatan exco knows well to dominate with Chinese interests.

But is this the way forward disguised as Malaysian Malaysia or now rebranded as Middle Malaysia? Will this ensure racial integration and unity expounded by Pakatan's claim of multiracialism and multireligion?

Government has bend backward to satisfy the Chinese voters. They have introduced the concept of 1Malaysia, New Economic Model, more financial assistance to Chinese schools, scholarship to all races, and liberalising to business sector. Economy is recovering and more promising economic growth.

Is the Chinese telling that these does not mean anything? What they say they wanted is not really what they wanted. Are they saying they will respond only to a cruel emperor or a Mao Tse Tong like leader?

The Chinese is telling out loud to all Malaysans that it doesn't matter to them the reaction of other races.

They do not care if other races react similarly and the whole country vote along racial line with Chinese for Chinese, Malay for Malay, Indian for Indian, Kadazan for Kadazan, Dayak for Dayak, etc., Chinese will vote according to racial line irrespective of its impact on the country.

MCA and Gerakan can't be blame any more for their continual failure to deliver votes because the power shift within the Chinese community have moved to the head of clan and Chinese associations."

I wish to share a verse taken from here 

I looked out the window.
And I saw

Thousands and thousands of Chinese closing their doors. Minding their own business. Watching the soap operas. Playing mahjong. Going to the gym. Planning for holidays. Eating bah kuet teh. Enrolling their children in private schools. Going for line dancing. Changing to a bigger car. Perming their hair brown. Going to the movies. Shopping.
The Chinese. They don’t look out the window.
Their houses.
Have no windows

Why do I feel so betrayed ...

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