Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ring: Pessary

On Monday I attended an appointment at neurophysiology unit in HKL for a test to rule out Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Despite the appointment given, I had to wait for the whole hour before I was attended to. It took two hospital assistants to operate one machine. I guess that made such test rather costly.

I had planned to travel directly from HKL to Kuantan for my visit to the gynae on Tuesday. However, I realized a credit card was not in its usual place in my purse. Then I remembered I made a payment at the deposit machine back home and I didn't retrieve it from the slot. Gosh!! And that was one week ago. I didn't store any number to call, so I had to go back home.

Turned out, the card was actually stuck in the machine and the bank has already frozen it because I did not made any inquiry.

Lesson learned: store the hot number in the mobile.

Early Tuesday morning I drove to Kuantan and reached the hospital just in time for the appointment at 11.00 am. Still, I didn't get to see the doctor until almost 1.00 pm. 

The appointment was a follow up for the MEA procedure I underwent in March. The appointment was supposed to be last September but I totally forgot about it. I put the reminder in my mobile and the battery went flat on the day of the appointment. So much for technology!

Well, the procedure worked. I no longer have the same complaint. The only one left was the prolonged coughing I have been having, giving me problem with leaking bladder. The gynae said at my age, it is common for some muscles to start weakening and since previous urodynamics test done prior to MEA ruled out sensitive bladder so the gynae suggested pessary ring to address the problem.

The gynae made intelligent guess about the ring size based on my age and body size. She asked for the biggest size. They don't have it in stock. The gynae went on to use a smaller ring and offered a houseman to try her hands at fixing it in.

The gynae warned of possible bleeding and discomfort. That was enough to make the experience painful ... imagined mostly.

However it turned out the ring wouldn't fit. So the pain was not imagined after all.

The attending nurse didn't believe it when the gynae asked her to bring the smallest ring.

I was told to come back to the clinic at any time without appointment should the ring pop out or on occurance of any other unexpected problem.

I dared not make the 2 hours drive home so I put up at my daughter's place in Pelindung. The rest of the afternoon and the whole night, the ring rubbed me silly and it felt like being 'f***ed' from inside sending me exploding every now and then. I felt slightly feverish the whole night and decided to go back to the clinic.

I called up the clinic in the morning and was advised to come the next day because it was an OT day for many of the doctors. I spent the whole day resting and surfing the net. 3G is available in Kuantan and my daughter has a 3G wireless broadband modem which makes surfing the net easy. I was able to view some interesting videos, something I was not able to do at home due to my small broadband and slow modem.

Managed to download an old song by Titiek Puspa 'Minah Gadis Dusun' for practice. Hope I made it through the audition on 20th of the month for AKSHAH, a two yearly event organised by my alumni graced by HRH the Sultan of Pahang. Yup! Another performance for the royal scheduled for February next year.

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