Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Purple Flowers in Kool

Spent the whole of last week helping Epit do the lawn. The flowers have been neglected for almost two years now. The fountains we built have dried out filled with dried bamboo leaves. Even the bamboo dried out in the flower pot and last raya Epit lugged the heavy pot to the rubbish hole but for the expensive pot, it was left on the bank and new sprouts started showing when the rain started.

When we first celebrated raya in the house, we went all out to do up the lawn which included two self-made  fountains and a piece of trellis work put up by the fountain to hide the unfinished garage.

Then I planted this purple flower and when all else withered through my neglect over the past couple of years ... it hang on and still give me the pleasure of its beauty. And I don't even know what is it called.


hanezam said...

Cool ! Cantiknya....

Cikgu, I have always loved blue and purple flowers. And I don't think I have seen these flowers of yours before. They look like alamandas.

At home we have crawling legum plants with blue bell-shaped flowers people use in blue/purple nasi kerabu. The flowers are so blue so beautiful. Don't know what the plant is called.

And then there's this flower the chinese call yesterday-today- tomorrow. The flowers's shade turn shade from deep purple to light purple to white. And they are so fragrant. Wangi dan cantik sangat ...

I am sure your abandoned flower plants will thrive again once you are on speaking terms with them again he he...betul!

koolmokcikZ said...

Salaam hanez,

I once used to have that yesterday-today-tomorrow purple to white very fragrant flower in a pot brought all the way from Gemenceh to kg Kool.

Alas, it too withered after few years of struggle to stay alive.

Hmm ..not sure if I am on the speaking term with them yet ... already left them unattended for the whole week I had to go see my specialist about getting fixed with a ring.