Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Mini gathering at Secret Recipe Mid Valley. Senah's treat. Senah [kiri sekali] came home for holiday. Hassan [kanan sekali] has joined our crowd during AGM EXSAS 2007 last April. Jalaluddin made it for the first time after 1977 ... that was 30 years ago. He is Jalal the ketua kampong moyok we have always known. Thank you Jalal for making time for our little get together. Tim [third from right] also joined us for the first time. Yati [second from left] joined us for the second time.

Hope many more will join the regulars for our next one. It was well worth it. The hours spent were unnoticed. It was truly comforting to be in the company of friends . Thank you and Happy 2008. I pray God to keep me in health for the next one. Here's wishing a good one to each of you who share this virtual space and read my stories. Thank you.

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Tabib said...

Six of you there from 5.6sc (1977)

I have never meet Oh Fatimah since 77 (although from same mukim and primary school),
and also never meet Ms.Yati and Mr.J.

Hope to catch with you all some day.