Friday, December 28, 2007

Hang On To A Dream

I am listening to Hardin's Hang On To A Dream. The simple lyric and the soulful melody is simply captivating. Sometimes I can't help it but welled up listening to it for it pierced deeply. With a few more days left of the year, and the moon is once again playing silhouette; bathing the trees in cold half light, am fighting hard to hang on to my dreams.

Looking back, I must admit 2007 has been kind to me. I rediscovered freedom and friendship, two things I lost when I left school and became a wife. The discoveries were made possible through the advance of technology which eventually led me to this new found love ... blogging!!!

Though I am still struggling to reduce all the goings on in my head into comprehensible pieces, the effort somehow brought indescribable relief. Brings some kind of order into the chaos of feelings, rationalizations, anger, hopes and thousand others. The ablility to articulate what I have inside my head helps booster a bit of confidence ... something I used to have in abundande but somehow lost most of it along the way to getting aged. Funny though! It should have been vice versa. Oh well!!! That's life and it is real not a fiction.

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