Friday, October 26, 2007

What's Happening To Our Teens

I went to a school today for a task I have been entrusted to carry out after form three students sat for their summative test. I’ve been doing this for many years now and am convinced that the task is a booster for the age to catch up with me fast. The toll is especially high on my sight and carpal tunnel. The knots in my shoulders are so tight and ahh .. my poor back is crying for a respite from all the abuse it has been subjected to over the years.

Am not complaining but contemplating rather. I first did this for the experience and now I feel compelled doing it because I am experienced. What an irony!!! Many times I thought I’d quit by declining the invitation but at the last minute, they couldn’t get a replacement and I ended up being the “replacement” for myself. All because … *alaa … akak boleh sebab tak de sapa nak kacau ke apa …. anak anak dah besar … tak payah nak kena rush gi ambik anak kat sekolah ke nak kena masak bla bla bla…*

Today, as I was returning to the meeting after breakfast at the school canteen, I asked something to one of the girls and as I turned away another girl asked her …*mak sedara awak ke tu* in a cynical manner and broke out laughing (my three colleagues were taken aback and crunched their faces while shaking their heads).

The issue here is impudent behaviour of the 16 year olds of a religious school. Such behaviour is not exclusive to this bunch of young girls in lowered head-cover. In fact, many of you will agree with me and even attest to the fact that such behaviour is so rampant among our teenagers.

Gosh! I am sleepy. Sorry friends… the old bones need to lie down *tongue*. Will try to continue tomorrow. Good night.


sher said...

Task apa tu MokcikZ?
Tu le scenario gomen, watuduuuu....

koolmokcikZ said...

The same one you'll be joining me on 27th Nov in Raub. See you there!!!