Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taste Of The Medicine

Well well well! What do you know?

All the good things and still not enough. 

From here

“I don’t think people feel very well off. We are still well provided for, but the Singaporean dream of owning a car, a house and maybe private property is kind of out of reach for most people in the middle class. Wages have not kept up with the rising cost of living,” the satirist lamented.

“As a nation, we are looking for something more than just that one person, that one party. We want to party more.”

What goes around comes around. .

“Ten years ago we did not have that many foreign workers here. And while most Singaporeans don’t have anything against foreigners, the rate at which they come in and their lack of integration are causing lots of friction in society.
“You walk into an MRT carriage and sometimes you are the only Singaporean surrounded by foreigners – you can tell by their accent.”
Foreigners, according to the blogger, need to change their behaviour and become more integrated into Singapore society.
For example, he said, workers from China must realise that the island republic is not “Little China”, and they should not assume the other races in multi-racial Singapore spoke Chinese.
Bayangkan perasaan rakyat bila sekolah haram diberi berjuta juta ringgit sedangkan mereka rasa tak senang dengan keadaan "Little China" di pulau yang mereka 'curi' dari penduduk asal yang kini akhirnya jadi minoriti di bumi sendiri.

It's bitter, ain't it?


Kenn said...

Golongan ini hanya akan kenal mana langit mana bumi sekiranya pihak berkuasa bertegas dengan Perlembagaan Negara.

Selagi pihak berkenaan lembik, lemah lutut dan penakut, selagi itulah golongan "pendatang" bermaharaja lela.

Semakin lembik dan penakut, semakinlah golongan ini akan memijak kepala.

koolmokcikZ said...

boleh potong semua jari lah yang pepuak itu takkan kenal langit dan bumi selamanya sebab pihak berkuasa kita hanyalah hantu loncat hancing tak dak teloq

Anonymous said...

I agree
-Young SGrean

koolmokcikZ said...

thanks Young SGrean