Monday, December 13, 2010

Malaysian Chinese

One thing I noticed, the Malaysian Chinese [funny ain't it when they insist that they are the sons of this soil but in truth they are Chinese born of parents who were GIVEN Malaysian citizenship but couldn't even bother to speak the tongue of this soil] would swear on their mother's head that everything that comes from China is definitely superior and full of medicinal value. Even the  bottled rainwater could heal 1001 ailments that no one in this universe could.

Apart from news after news about all sorts of contamination [latest being contaminated oranges] I am not at all surprised with this news from thestar 

This is what aroused my interest -

A 51 year old woman from Singapore is fighting for her life after taking pain-relieving pills that maybe linked to liver failure.

The pills – round, black balls about 5mm in diameter – came in plastic bags with Chinese words claiming to be “homemade from secret ingredients of herbs”. It recommended that adults take four pills a day and children take half that dose.
She took them till July this year. The pills seemed to cure her pain.

But in August, an annual health check found problems with her liver. The doctor told her to stop taking the pills and referred her to a specialist.

On Nov 10, doctors confirmed that she had acute liver failure and put her on the waiting list for a liver from a dead person.

Her daughter, a 27 year old bank executive had been worried about her mother taking the Chinese medicine. “I asked her if she was sure it was safe. She told me that Chinese medicine has no side effects, and that they worked.”

In 2002, slimming pills under the name Slim 10 took the life of one woman, and actress Andrea D’Cruz survived only after getting a liver transplant


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