Monday, June 22, 2009


Drove sixty km yesterday evening to HSBC Mentakab to settle an overdued bill. The grace period was until Friday but as fate had it I had to learn a lesson on that day.

I purposely chose to drive in the evening after office hours rush. I got to park right in front of the bank and it took less than 5 minutes to complete transaction via ATM. Though I am still nervous dealing with the 'machines' but the convenience they afforded me is pretty attractive so I put a lid on the jitters.

It was Sunday and I did not have anything since brunch. I drove around and got a parking space very near Pizza Hut. Got into the restaurant and I was seated promptly.

The place was full with weekend dinner crowd. Took me 40 minutes to get my Paella [new on the menu]. The ice had all melted in my drink and I very almost decided to leave without the Paella when it arrived.

I stared at it for some times thinking the waitress had brought me a wrong order. Really! Look at the picture on the menu.The mussels look freshly juicy and the prawns look plump.

Compare that to the actual Paella served to me after almost 40 minutes of waiting.

And honestly ... nasi goreng 'bodo' [plain fried rice] at my brother's stall taste twice as nice as this 'Pa-eh-ya' at less than one third the price and waiting time. [will get a pic of it very soon].

Huh! I paid rm17.15 for a serving of Pa-eh-ya and a glass of coke plus taxes. I will NOT go there again!!!


sher said...

Ok, so don't go there again! BTW, aren't you not supposed to take mussels? Cheating, huh?

koolmokcikZ said...

Aren't supposed to take MR MUSCLE ..(into the house).. mussels ok whattt!!! rich in iodine. good for beguk (goiter) lorrr!!!