Tuesday, November 13, 2007

All In A Day (1)

Today, I submitted the bundle of the sideline task I undertook since 26 Oct ’07. Huarghh!!! What a great relief!!! Beginning to feel like my spine was bending and my neck and shoulder could break anytime due to all the strain. My eyes, my poor eyes!!! Hmmm … and I only have until 26th Nov before I begin another bundle. I have thought of quitting after each bundle is submitted but each year it is harder and harder to get replacement. Not many are willing to undertake this task for it requires a complete commitment and one would be tied up for the whole three weeks.

Sideline apart, my hormone is returning to normal I guess and since the past two days I’ve been feeling elated. Although I haven’t finish my work with the first bundle, I attended a special 'kenduri’ (party) my alma mater hold to say farewell to relatives and friends before embarking on a very special journey to do ‘haj’. Here’s wishing Nonie and hubby “Semoga mendapat haji mabrur” and I pray I too will get to kiss Hajaratul Aswad soon after you.

It so happened the kenduri was on the 10th Nov, the same day a big rally was supposed to take place in KL. I was too tired to drive, been without proper sleep and rest since I began the bundle. So, Pae (another alma mater) took the turn to drive (the two of us have been taking turn at the wheel whenever we attend events in KL). We were stuck in a massive traffic jam at Gombak toll. Took us one hour and a half from Gombak R&R to the toll. And both of us were in black with yellow ‘tudung’. He he he … we did expect to be stopped at the police road block but probably two old ladies did not look so much of rally participants.


momilo said...

Enjoy the rest ... put your feet up, mug of Aik Cheong coffee by the side and Anuar Zain's `Lelaki Ini' serenading in the background. :)

sher said...

Errr... lelaki ini?
Lelaki itu mana???

koolmokcikZ said...

thanks. that's just what i'm doing. hehehe .. with a plate of ubi kayu rebus cicah sambal and ikan kering on the side, staring at the drops of the rain ... blissful!!!

"Lelaki ini yang selalu mencinta mu, selalu tanpa ragu. Lelaki ini yang selalu memuja, hanya diri mu, yang bertakhta dalam sanubari ...